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Roofing Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

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Each year, from June through November, the National Hurricane Center warns North Carolinians about the potential tropical storms that could hit our area. The Atlantic Basin, which includes the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico experiences it's hurricane season from June 1st to November 30th. The peak of the season is typically from August to October.

There have been 413 named storms in history that have hit North Carolina. Many of those have caused great damage to homes in the Raleigh, Durham area of North Carolina.

While we can't control the weather, there are steps that we can take to help protect our homes from damage.

Check Your Insurance Policy

If you haven't already, now is the time to check your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure that you are properly covered. You should also create or update your emergency preparedness kit. This kit should include items like food, water, and first-aid supplies that will last for at least 72 hours.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs can cause damage to your home during a storm. Before hurricane season starts, trim any dead, broken, or oversized trees and branches around your building. It is important to trim them before the storm hits. This will help to reduce the chance of them causing damage to your home during high winds.

Tall trees can easily blow over in high winds and damage your building. Make sure to trim any branches that are hanging over your building, as well as any dead branches on the trees.

Clear Your Gutters

Your gutters are one of your home’s first lines of defense against water damage. They channel rainwater away from your roof and foundation, helping to prevent leaks and flooding. But if your gutters are full of leaves and debris, they can’t do their job properly.

That’s why it’s important to clear them out before hurricane season starts.

Once a storm hits, it will be too late to clean your gutters, and the water damage could cost you.

Feeling protected because you have gutter guards? Think again.  Gutter guards can actually cause more problems than they solve. They can prevent water from draining properly, and they can also hold onto leaves and debris, which can clog your gutters. 

So take a few minutes now to clear out your gutters, and rest assured knowing that your home is better protected from the storms to come.

Inspect Your Roof

Inspecting your roof before hurricane season is a necessity. As anyone who has experienced a hurricane can attest, the wind and rain can wreak havoc on your home, and a weak or damaged roof is only going to make things worse.

There are a few things you can look for when inspecting your roof.

Check for any missing shingles. If any of your shingles are loose or missing, they need to be replaced before the storm season begins.

Look for any damage that needs to be repaired. Even small cracks or holes can cause major problems during a hurricane.

One spot of particular weakness in older homes that should be inspected is the flashing around the chimney.

Flashing is a piece of metal or other waterproof material that is used to seal the gap between the chimney and the roof.

Over time, the flashing can become loose or worn, allowing water to seep in and cause damage to the roof and chimney.

Keep up with Regular Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your property is essential for keeping it in good condition. This is especially true for your roof, which is exposed to the elements on a daily basis.

While regular roof maintenance may seem like a hassle, it is actually one of the best ways to ensure that your home is ready for storm season.

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