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Be Proactive With Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Roof leaks can make big problems for commercial businesses. An extensive roof leak can lead to lost time at work, lost business, structural damage and costly repairs. Unfortunately, roof leaks are an unavoidable part of life, unless you perform regular maintenance and take steps to prevent the kind of damage that can lead to leaks.

Working with a professional roofer can keep these problems at bay. Taking a proactive stance is critical. At Pickard Roofing, we've designed our commercial roof maintenance program to help our commercial clients avoid the kind of problems we've described above. With regular inspections, you can keep your roof in good health.


Being Proactive Saves You Time and Money

Roofing problems start small and get bigger over time. In fact, many roofing problems don't even produce noticeable leaks or damage until they've been happening for months or years. By the time you notice that your roof is leaking, the damage could be extensive.

Performing regular maintenance and doing check-ups can help you identify these problems before they become bigger and more problematic.

Roof leaks start with problems like torn seams, cracked or deteriorated caulking, low points in the roof and old shingles that need to be replaced. These issues are easiest to identify when they're up close and you're looking for them.

Waiting too long, until you have a known problem, could lead to damage in the insulation, roof deck and other parts of the structure. Over time, roof leaks can lead to structural instability and mold, which can cause thousands of dollars in damage.


Commercial Roof Maintenance for North Carolina

Prevention is always better than finding a cure; that's why Pickard Roofing offers a wide range of commercial maintenance services and plans for commercial businesses. Our cost-effective and time-effective program is designed to provide quality preventative care to commercial rooftops in Raleigh. Our roofing maintenance program is designed to save you money and increase the life expectancy of your commercial roof.


Twice Yearly Commercial Roof Inspections

With our commercial roof maintenance program, your commercial building will undergo twice yearly commercial roof inspections in fall and spring. This is the ideal time to check because it falls at times of year when weather is mild and perfect for roof repair. Our routine checks include drain and downspout inspections, penetration and flashing checks and rooftop vent and equipment checks.

Members of our commercial roof maintenance program receive priority service and scheduling when critical repairs are needed. If you own multiple properties, you'll save on overall costs through the multi-property discount.


Routine Commercial Roof Repairs

Your roof may look unchanging, but it's not. Over the weeks and months, your roof will deteriorate due to exposure to UV rays, freezing temperatures, exposure to rain and sleet and other forms of precipitation. This all leads to general wear and tear, which can cause imperceptible but important changes in the way your roof performs. Just like your tires need replacing on your car, your commercial roof needs periodic maintenance and repair.

To get started protecting your roof in Raleigh, call in a commercial roofing expert today. Schedule an appointment for a free inspection with Pickard Roofing, to create your commercial maintenance plan.



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