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Creating a Modern Farmhouse Exterior

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Modern farmhouse style interiors and exteriors are a sought out trend among homeowners. This design combines refined, comforting, and rustic elements to create a homestyle feel. To achieve this aesthetic, you have to know what elements work best together. The exterior of your home is where you can really apply the farmhouse style to create the home of your dreams.


Where to Get Started to Create A Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Although you can DIY the majority of a modern farmhouse-style exterior, it is recommended to call in professional help for the roof. A full-service professional roofing company will be able to design and craft your farmhouse style roof safely and accurately. To get started in creating your perfect modern farmhouse exterior, utilize this informative and helpful guide.



Essential Modern Farmhouse Exterior Elements

The following design elements are used to create a cohesive modern farmhouse exterior for your home. Focus on these elements to achieve your design goals.


Simple Structure

A simple structure will help set the stage for a modern farmhouse design. The front of your home should have sleek lines that run from the ground to the roofline to draw the eye across the entire design. Minimize or remove busy decorative elements that may create a cluttered look. A well-designed modern farmhouse exterior should have a balanced aesthetic.


Timeless Roofing

Modern farmhouses have timeless gable roofing designs with a steep pitch that adds height to the structure. This type of roof design helps create a stately appearance even when your home is viewed from afar. The roof design also gives nod to the timeless farmhouse and barn designs of the century. To add a level of sophistication to this roof design, many modern farmhouse exteriors use metal roofing materials over shingles to achieve the desired look. A standing seam metal roof, for example, not only looks incredible, but also stands up to the test of time. Darker colored roofing materials, like black, will create the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Roofing professionals will be able to assess your roofing needs, and execute the farmhouse style you have in mind. It is always recommended to hire a professional for roofing work of this size.




This modern farmhouse roof was created by Pickard Roofing in Durham, North Carolina. The roof combines shingles and metal vertical panel roofing to create the modern farmhouse aesthetic. (CertainTeed Landmark Shingle in Atlantic Blue, Dimensional Metals, Inc. 24 gauge painted steel in Slate Blue.)



 Aerial view of Pickard Roofing's recent modern farmhouse roofing project.


Covered Porch

To create the perfect modern farmhouse exterior, you must have a covered porch with broad columns situated at various points in the design. With the columns running from the porch surface to the roof trusses, more focus lands on your roof, which helps tie the design together. The roof over the covered porch should have minimal pitch to provide the most protection from the rain, sun, wind and snow.


White Paint

White, distressed paint over a brick exterior creates a timeless modern farmhouse exterior. The white paint will contrast against the dark roofing materials and surrounding landscaping elements. You can choose between warm and cool white tones, though most modern farmhouses use a cool palette. Talk with your roofing professional on their color choices for your roof to find the best undertones to use in the white paint for your modern farmhouse exterior.


Industrial Fixtures

Industrial fixtures add the finishing rustic touch that your modern farmhouse needs to stand out from the crowd. Look for antique fixtures for your outdoor faucets, lighting, and exterior doors. Industrial light fixtures are one of the easiest ways to bring your project full circle. You only need one or two prominent industrial fixtures at the front of your house to tie its design together.


Lush Landscape

A lush, green landscape acts as the perfect backdrop for modern farmhouse exterior designs. Modern farmhouse exteriors typically follow a monochromatic color scheme, which is where colorful landscaping comes into play. Try planting brightly colored flowers, and plants with dark green foliage to add contrast to your home’s design. Start off slow in planting so you can see how the flowers and leaves compliment or contrast your home’s exterior.


When it comes to creating a modern farmhouse exterior, you must find a balance of rustic and industrial elements. Contrast is one of the most important aspects of this style, which is where the monochromatic color scheme between your home and roof are needed. You can start creating your dream modern farmhouse by contacting a residential roofing expert. A professional roofing company will be able to create the perfect modern farmhouse roof, so that you can focus on the rest of your home’s exterior.


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