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How Long Does A Roof Warranty Last?

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Warranties help protect consumers. In fact, you can often gauge the quality of a product based on the length and strength of its warranty, because roofing companies only create warranties that are as good as the products they use. Knowing what to expect from your roof warranty can help you decide whether the roofing material you're thinking about buying is right for your home.

Roof Replacement Warranties

Roof replacement warranties are based on a variety of factors, including size of the job, materials used, commercial versus residential and more. Sometimes warranties are also based on the level of workmanship required to properly install the product.

Warranties are designed to protect the property owner's investment, but warranties can also be complicated. Often, manufacturers don't want to guarantee their products until they've determined that the product has been properly installed.

Sometimes, especially with commercial roof warranties, a manufacturer inspection is required to activate the warranty. Other times, material manufacturers require that their roofing material is installed by a certified contractor. It's important to know what your roofing material warranty requires to ensure that your investment is protected.


Two Types of Roof Warranty

There are two types of roof warranty documents. Often, property owners must consult with two different warranties if something goes wrong with their newly installed roof.

Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer warranties are the most common types of warranties. These warranties typically last between 20 and 50 years, with warranties for most shingle products lasting about 30 years. Typically, manufacturer warranties do not cover workmanship unless you pay for an upgrade.

The primary goal of a manufacturer's warranty is to provide protection for defects in roofing materials. Often, manufacturers require that homeowners maintain their roof and follow a specific maintenance schedule. Unless the homeowner can prove they maintained the roof on an intermittent basis, the manufacturer may void the warranty.

Contractor Warranty

Contractor warranties protect against defects in installation, but not against defects in the materials. These warranties, including their conditions and length, vary quite a bit. Read the fine print before hiring the contractor. If you're not clear on the details of the warranty, talk to your contractor and be sure to get a written explanation.


Steps to Protect Your Roof Warranty

Familiarize yourself with both warranties to ensure that you're taking steps to avoid invalidating them. Know what each warranty requires you to do - or what each warranty will not allow you to do. Examples of what you can expect from a typical warranty include:

  • Get regular inspections. Some warranties require that the homeowner schedule regular inspections from a qualified contractor.
  • Stick with your original contractor. When getting the inspections of your roof, hire the original contractor to do the work.
  • Register your warranty. If the manufacturer requires you to register the warranty, be sure to do so in the specified period of time.
  • Read the fine print. Know what's in the warranty to ensure that you're keeping up with it.


Roof Warranties are an Insurance Policy

Your roof warranty is an insurance policy of sorts - so it's important to hire a contractor with a solid warranty. It's also important to hire a contractor that respects the manufacturer's warranty during the installation process.

Do your homework when hiring a roofing contractor. If the manufacturer requires that the contractor be certified in installation of their materials, do your research to find a contractor with those certifications. If the manufacturer doesn't require certification in order to protect the warranty, it's still important to find a contractor with experience installing the type of material in question. If possible, find a contractor that can guarantee your roof replacement.

For more information about hiring a contractor who can perform a roof installation and warranty the work, contact Pickard Roofing. As a 3rd generation family-owned contractor, we know how to perform a roofing installation that's made to last, and we guarantee our work.


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