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Is Roof Recover a Good Idea for My Facility?

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When a flat or low-slope commercial roof has damage or wear, there are three potential courses of action to fix the issue. Depending on the specifics of the damage and roof condition, a temporary roof repair, roof recover or full roof replacement might be necessary. Here’s an examination of what a roof repair involves and whether it might be the right course of action for a commercial roof that you have and is in need of repair.


What Is a Roof Recover?

With a roof recover, the membrane of a commercial roof is covered with a new membrane that’s identical or similar to the original one. This new membrane is secured onto the old one much in the same way that the old one was initially secured to the roof’s substrate, and the result is effectively a new top layer for the roof.


When Is Commercial Roof Replacement Recommended?

Before any roof recover is started, a comprehensive roofing assessment should be performed to make sure that this indeed is the best course of action for a commercial roof. In certain situations, either a temporary fix or a full roof replacement might be more appropriate.

A temporary fix is suitable when only a specific section of your roof requires repair and the rest of the roof is in good condition. For example, you might use a temporary fix on a single spot if a water issue is caused by one clogged drain or a single crack in the roof membrane has formed. When a temporary fix is sufficient, this is the most affordable option for repair.

A full roof replacement is necessary if anything more than the membrane itself is in need of repair. If the roofing deck is damaged or compromised, for instance, the roof will have to be replaced. Replacement is also required if the substrate between the membrane and support structure has deteriorated.

To make a proper determination if a roof recover will be the right solution for your commercial roof, it’s important to get a roofing assessment from a trusted commercial roofing company. They can identify the general condition of the roof and all available options.


When is a Roof Recover The Perfect Solution?

A roof recover is generally a good option whenever more extensive repair than what a temporary fix can provide is needed and the underlying structure of the roof is still in decent overall condition.

So long as the deck and insulation are still in good condition, and the membrane is the only part of the roof that needs repair, recovering is usually the best course of action. Sometimes a roof recover might be the best solution even if a small section of limited wet insulation has to be replaced.


What Are the Advantages of a Roofing Recover?

When a roof recover is a suitable option for a commercial roof that needs repair, this middle ground between a temporary fix and a complete replacement offers multiple advantages:

First, a roof recover is more affordable than a full roof replacement. Since a new membrane is only overlaid on top of an existing one, the labor and materials required are much less than what’s needed when performing a complete roof replacement.

Second, the second roofing membrane may effectively add another layer of insulation that increases the roof’s energy efficiency. While this isn’t the traditional method of improving a roof’s energy efficiency, the side benefit certainly is welcome by property owners who want to manage their utility costs.

Third, the recovering process provides an opportunity to add more slope to the roof system. This may resolve an underlying drainage issue that led to deterioration in the first place.

Finally, the recovering process also provides an opportunity to replace damaged flashing and improve the flashing details. This too can address water-related issues.

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