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Signs of Wind Damage on a Roof

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Wind damage is a common roof problem, and it’s one that should be promptly addressed. Postponing repair will only exacerbate the problem and potentially lead to more serious issues. If you own a home in North Carolina, here’s what you should know about wind-caused roof damage.


Wind Damage Often Worsens With Time

Wind damage may start small and affect only a small part of your home’s roof, but it will frequently worsen with time. A few damaged shingles will compromise the integrity of the surrounding ones, and those compromised shingles are more prone to be damaged the next time there are high winds.

Of course, North Carolina is no stranger to high winds. There will always be a “next time” when a windy cold front, thunderstorm or hurricane comes through, potentially increasing the damage.


Wind and Debris Can Damage Your Roof

If a windstorm rolls through, it poses two main threats to your roof. Either one can cause substantial damage.

First, the wind itself can rip up shingles or otherwise damage your home’s roof. This is more common when the wind is gusting than when there’s simply sustained moderate winds, for one powerful gust is all that’s needed to catch the underside of some shingles and cause damage. Additionally, the likelihood of true wind damage depends on the condition of your roof, orientation of your house and wind direction.

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), damage that’s caused by wind itself is most likely to start near the edge of a roof. It’s usually easier for the wind to catch under shingles on the edge. Also, damage is much more likely to be on the windward side of your home than the leeward side.

Second, wind can cause nearby objects to strike a roof and cause damage on the impact. Tree branches are especially common culprits, but glass from windows and other debris can also damage a roof.

In order to protect against debris-caused damage, keep trees near your home trimmed. You should also check your gutters and downspouts, as they may have debris that could come free or weakened fasteners that could break during a storm.


How to Check Your Roof for Wind Damage

Anytime a major storm rolls through your area, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof for wind damage. In most cases, you don’t need to get up on the roof itself. Simply perform a visual inspection from the ground, and use a camera to zoom in on areas that look like they might have been affected.

What you should look for depends on what type of roof you have:

  • Composition Shingle Roof: Check for missing, damaged or broken shingles. Also look for curling or loss of granulation.
  • Wood Shingles or Shakes: Check for missing, splitting or curling shingles. Also look for mold or decay.
  • Flat Roof: Check for obvious cracked, tears or patches. Also look for multiple wrinkles or blisters, and make sure to look inside from the attic.
  • Flashing: Check for roof penetrations, buckling and tearing.

You can also check your roof from inside your home, as wind damage will usually result in other issues. Head up into your attic, and look to see whether there’s any:

  • Moisture Marks: Look for brown, yellow or gray stains. Also check for peeling paint.
  • Dampness: Feel the rafters for dampness, and check for leaks.


Have Wind Damage Professionally Repaired

If you suspect wind damage or are concerned, have a professional roofing contractor conduct a more thorough inspection. They’ll be able to confirm whether damage is present and explain how to best repair it. Delaying an inspection will likely only lead to more extensive damage, so have a professional come out as soon as possible.

If your roof needs to be inspected for damage, contact us at Pickard Roofing Company to schedule a wind damage inspection.


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