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What Skills Do You Need For a Career in Roofing?

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Are you interested in a rewarding career working with your hands? Do you enjoy outdoor work and take joy in the satisfaction of completing physical projects? If so, consider a career in roofing.

As daunting as it may seem to some, becoming certified as a professional roofer can open up an array of promising opportunities.

Roofers are typically highly sought-after due to their specialized knowledge, trained skill set, and eye for detail. 

While certification offers advanced levels of expertise and proficiency on the job, there are some basic competencies that any aspiring roofer should first possess - all figure into gaining a qualification and successful completion of projects large or small. 

Read ahead to learn more about what skill sets are necessary for anyone considering pursuing this line of work.

It's a Physical Job

To begin with, having physical strength and endurance is key to success in roofing. As the job requires a great deal of manual labor, prospective roofers must be up for the challenge of lifting heavy materials as well as working long hours on rooftops in all types of weather conditions.

Good problem-solving abilities also come in handy, as roofers must be able to quickly identify and resolve issues on the job.

Attention To Detail

Rooftop installations require a certain level of precision, so good eye-hand coordination and an overall attention to detail is essential to success. 

Roofers must have the ability to evaluate the most effective courses of action while also being able to properly identify potential hazards and risks associated with the job.

Safety Focused

Safety should always be a priority on any roofing project, so aspiring roofers must understand and comply with all safety rules and regulations. 

Professional roofers must also know proper safety protocols and techniques as well as utilize appropriate safety equipment when needed.

Technical Knowledge

Having a good understanding of the tools and materials used in roofing is also essential to success in this field. 

Roofers should be able to distinguish and utilize different types of roofing systems, roof coverings, sealants, flashing material, and insulation as well as recognize any potential drawbacks or risks associated with them.

In addition, roofers must be able to interpret measurements and blueprints as well as possess a good understanding of the building codes that govern construction.

Communication Skills

Last but not least, developing strong communication skills is critical in this profession. 

Roofers often work with customers, contractors, inspectors, and other tradesmen daily. Therefore, it is important to be able to clearly and effectively communicate ideas and easily relay instructions in order to ensure successful completion of projects.

Get Started On A Roofing Career

All in all, roofing can be a rewarding career choice for outdoor lovers with an eye for detail who also possess the required skill set. 

From physical strength and endurance to technical knowledge and understanding of safety protocols, having all of the necessary components can help you get started on your roofing career.

So if you’re looking for an exciting and fulfilling job, consider a career in roofing and join the Pickard Roofing family.

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