Historical Restoration: Keeping History Alive

We are the Triangle's leader in historical restoration services
Historical Restoration is a very specific skill which requires extensive knowledge of roofing techniques old & new. Pickard Roofing is known across the Triangle for its expertise in historical roof restorations. Pickard Roofing understands the roof imparts much of the architectural character- and is a crucial element to historical restoration projects. 

We work closely with the building owners, contractors, and architects - to evaluate the original roof and building elements, and to recommend a plan that best restore the building to the historical era in which it was originally built.

Our skilled craftsmen have the required experience working with the materials often utilized including slate, tile, sheet metal fabrication, and cornice fabrications. Their well-earned reputation for excellence in historical architectural elements are showcased on historical churches, homes, town buildings, government and educational and other institutional structures.
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