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Read This Before You Try to Repair Your Own Roof or Gutters

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It’s natural for a homeowner to want to fix their own roof or gutters. Doing the work yourself saves time and money - or does it? Roof and gutter repair can be dangerous for inexperienced, untrained professionals. Roofing contractors spend hours training their staff how to climb on a roof and use safety harnessing properly. Homeowners often lack the know-how or the tools to repair their gutters and roofing safely. At Pickard Roofing Company, we’ve seen the dangers of ladders first hand and would advise you to think twice before you climb. Here’s what you need to know.

Ladders Cause Falls that Lead to Serious Injury and Death

Did you know? Ladders can be dangerous! According to the CDC, 500,000 ladder injuries occur every year; 300 of these injuries are fatal. 97% of the falls occurred in non-occupational settings, on homes and farms.

If you’re an older male and a homeowner, you’re in the highest risk category. The annual cost of ladder injuries is $25 billion.

100% of Ladder Falls Are Avoidable

How do ladder accidents happen? See for yourself where the greatest hazards are:

Selecting the wrong type of ladder. Each ladder is designed for a specific weight and task. If you’re a homeowner working with a ladder that’s too short, designed for a different job, or just not up to holding your weight, then you could be setting yourself up for an accident. When you hire a roofing professional, you can rest assured that the ladders they choose will be appropriate for the task at hand.

Using worn or damaged ladders. Did you know that all ladders have a shelf life? Damaged ladders are extremely dangerous. If your ladder is old, incorrectly maintained, or structurally compromised, you could be putting yourself at risk by using your ladder.

Incorrect use of ladders. Many homeowners are unaware of the safest ways to use ladders. It’s essential always to maintain 3 points of contact with your ladder: two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot (while climbing). For more tips on how to use a ladder properly, see this video.

Incorrect placement of ladders. When you place a ladder on the ground, the ground should be level and firm. Always have a helper.

You can avoid all ladder injuries by not getting on one! Instead of repairing your own roof or gutters, you can choose a reputable roofer to get on your roof and do the work for you.

Other Benefits of Hiring Someone Else to Repair Roof or Gutters

There are other benefits of hiring someone to repair your roof or gutters.

  • When you hire a pro, you can have confidence the work was done correctly.
  • Gutter and roofer professionals have the tools and experience to do the work efficiently.
  • You can relax while the professionals do the work for you.
  • You might save more money than you realize when you hire professionals. Remember, when you hire the pros - you won’t have to buy a ladder, safety gear, or new tools! Professional contractors will bring all that with them.

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Do you want to repair your home’s gutters and roof safely? Pickard Roofing has over 90 years of experience helping homeowners make repairs to their gutters and roof.

We’re fully insured, train all our workers properly, and use all the proper safety equipment to keep our workers, our clients, your property, and our business safe. When you hire the professionals from Pickard Roofing, you can rest assured that the work will proceed quickly, efficiently, and safely. When the work is done, it will be done right!

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