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Modern Roof Design Ideas for 2022

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Whether you’re building your dream home, remodeling your current residence, or simply doing some house flipping, you’re wise to set your sights on all the top modern roof designs for 2022. With the most popular roof designs in mind, you can create a visually-striking exterior home design that’s on point. If you’re ready to get started, simply use this guide on the different types of modern roofs for visual inspiration.

Modern Flat Roof_


Not just for commercial buildings anymore, the flat roof design beautifully accentuates modern homes. Modern homes simply look great when capped off with a flat roof with their bold geometric shapes and super clean lines.

Beyond their stunning appearance, flat roofs are eco-friendly, inexpensive, and wholly functional. When built correctly, you can use the roof as patio space, for example, or even create a peaceful garden space.




A sloping roof adds visual interest by cutting the roofline at a sharp angle. You can pair the dramatic angle with a rounded edge between planes or go with a sharp cutoff. Either way, the slope will let rain, snow, and debris flow off the edges with ease, helping protect your roof from damage and water leaks. Sloping roofs also work well for homes with solar panel installations.


Modern Butterfly Roof_


To amp up the drama, go beyond the sloping roof with a butterfly design. Instead of having just one slope, a butterfly roof has two to four planes that sweep upward to mimic the look of its namesake. You can make this design both eco-friendly and budget-friendly by going with shingles or TPO as your material of choice, although metal can work well, too.


Modern Metal Roof


If you’d like a sleek, sophisticated roof that will withstand the test of time, you cannot go wrong with a modern metal roof. Designed to last over 50 years, metal roofs come in a wide range of colors, styles, and material options.

By selecting between all the options, you can customize its look to perfectly match the exterior home design, creating a unique finish that will leave you feeling impressed for decades to come. Want to go with something a little bit different than the norm? Select white metal roofing materials that add the perfect amount of contrast to the design.


Modern Gable Roof

Gable Metal

To give your home a classic touch, consider upgrading to a gable metal roof. The two-sided gable design raises the roof and creates more space in the attic while giving the architecture a sharper angle.

Standing seam metal often works best, although you can explore your options with help from your Durham, NC roof contractor. Gable metal roofs look great on sheds, pool houses, and many other outbuildings as well.


Modern Rustic Roof


When you simply cannot decide between a modern home design and farmhouse chic, rustic roofing styles can come to the rescue. Stone facades, barn doors, and distressed wood planks all pair well with terracotta tiles, cedar shakes, and metal panels in natural tones. As time goes on, the effect just becomes even more pronounced, making your home look even more authentically rustic through the years.


Modern Balcony Roof


Do you love to stand out on the balcony and simply soak in the view? Or is it your dream to have an outdoor office or chill retreat away from it all without worrying about the weather? Either way, modern balcony roofs can make your dreams come true.

Your architect and roofing contractor will decide where to extend the roof best out and create the balcony of your dreams. If you already have a balcony, then they can simply install a roofing section over that structure to protect the space from the elements and add visual interest.

Want to Upgrade Your North Carolina Home with Modern Roof Designs?

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