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Stunning Combo: Shingle Roofing and Custom Metal Fabrication

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Shingles are the traditional roofing material choice in North Carolina because they're beautiful, easy to repair, and affordable - but they aren't the only choice. Even more stunning than shingles alone is shingle roofing paired with custom metal fabrication. By combining shingle roofing with custom metal fabrication, you get all the benefits of a shingle roof with the long-lasting durability of custom-made metal to strengthen and compliment your home.

Precision, Strength, and Beauty

Pickard Roofing Company's sheet metal fabricators make made-to-order pieces for your roof and other parts of your home. Imagine the combined effect of shingle roofing with matching metal to make your home stand out. Skilled metal fabricators create metal pieces for just about any purpose, whatever your needs. Our roofing professionals will help you imagine it; then, our metal fabricators will make it a reality.

  • Gutters- Custom metal gutters for your house will last longer than any other gutter type. They'll also be made to match your home. You'll be amazed at how beautiful they look!
  • Downspouts- Custom downspouts to match (or compliment) your gutters. Downspouts are an incredibly important part of the gutter system, and our custom-made downspouts do the job right.
  • Chimney Accessories- Chimney accessories like special made flashing help protect your chimney from the elements, preventing wear and tear. At Pickard Roofing Company, we combine chimney design with functionality to last a lifetime.
  • Chimney Caps- Our copper or stainless steel chimney caps add personality and protection to your chimney at the same time. We'll help you choose the right metal for your home. Stainless steel can be painted, while other types of metal cannot. You decide.
  • Flat Caps- Flat caps help finish and seal off metal roofs to make your home's roof waterproof and durable.
  • Bird Screens- Our bird screens can prevent anything from getting inside your attic. Our custom metal screens are fitted perfectly to your attic vents and other openings in your attic to ensure complete protection where you need it most.
  • Vents- Metal vents are the least likely to develop mold or other biological growth on the material due to the thin sheet metal technology. Our metal vents last a long time and continue to look great years after they're installed.

Need something else that isn't mentioned here? Our sheet metal fabricators make custom-made pieces of all kinds.

100% Unique and Perfect for Your Forever Home

The minimal maintenance and time-tested beauty of metal fabrication is part of what attracts homeowners to our metal fabrication services. Our metal fabrications are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

They're durable and continue to look beautiful for long after they're installed. Because each piece is created for your home alone, you can rest assured that the fit will be perfect. Our metal pieces also add value to homes that can't be bought anywhere else.

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