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Roof Replacement: Choosing Between Metal and Shingles

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Metal roofing has come a long way, both in color and architectural style, since the days when they were typically only seen on farms. Growing numbers of people are selecting metal roofs for both roof replacement and new construction. Residential roofing customers are primarily selecting metal roofs because of the material’s longer lifespan; however, due to the upfront costs being roughly three times the amount of shingles, most people are still choosing the latter. If you’re in the market for a new roof for your home or business, consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before making a decision.

Cost, Longevity, & Durability

Naturally, as consumers, the first thing that we tend to consider is cost before making a purchase, but when it comes to roofing options you will want to dig a little deeper. While metal roofs can initially turn people off because of the upfront costs, consumers need to remember that when installed correctly a metal roof can last the lifetime of the building structure.  While shingles are much more cost effective upfront, they typically will need to be replaced after 20-30 years when installed correctly.

Metal roofing costs are also higher due to the more detailed level of craftsmanship necessary and the more expensive cost of the materials. Furthermore, there are fewer companies to choose from if you select a metal roof, because not all roofing companies in the marketplace are qualified to handle the level of detail and expertise needed. As metal roofs have become more popular, there have been new metal options offered in the marketplace and some of those options are less expensive. Consumers need to be careful to select systems such as double lock standing seam and snap lock standing seam that do NOT have penetrations to the face of the metal. Cheaper metal systems may not provide the longevity expected for a metal roofing system. In addition, a poorly installed metal roof may be impossible to fix, and very expensive to replace.

Shingle roofs can be seen everywhere, and they are by and large more common when compared to metal roofing. In general, people tend to immediately think of shingles when they think of roofs because over the last century, they have been the more traditional choice for homes and businesses. The main benefits of choosing shingles over metal is the upfront cost, the installation being quicker and easier, and the more affordable materials. However, details still matter with a shingle roof. Shingle roofing contractors should review with the owners the material and technique used for flashings around all penetrations to the roof, the roofing draining plan such as gutters, and the repairs required of any damaged wood. As with metal roofs, there are many more shingle options available today and consumers should ask about available styles, weight, impact resistance, solar reflectivity, and the associated warranties for both the materials and installation.



Architectural Design


Before deciding between metal or shingles, you’ll want to consider the architectural design and roof pitch of your home or business. And luckily, there’s not just one answer for every building, many times a combination of materials can be used. For example, a shingled roof may be offset by the use of copper window accents, or metal can be used on additions, decks, or front porches. When you decide to have your project evaluated by a roofing company they’ll advise you while keeping in mind the roof design, the weight your structure can bear, the pitch of the roof, and the curb appeal the end product will deliver. Today there are a number of color options and styles available for both metal and shingle roofs.        


Architectural shingles are the most popular choice for Triangle homeowners, and Pickard Roofing is the Triangle’s choice roofing company to install, repair, and maintain these residential roofing products. Architectural roofing shingles are a popular residential roofing choice, due to their durability, appearance, and price point. According to our shingle expert, Shawn Murphy, “With the many styles and colors available, a shingle roof system is an affordable way to make your home or business stand out.” Stronger than traditional shingles, architectural shingles create a dramatic, three-dimensional look that is visually appealing, at a price point that isn’t much more than traditional shingles.


If a metal roof is your choice, you can be comfortable knowing that it is a priceless investment, offering an extremely long operational life, durability that withstands everything Mother Nature can throw at it, and custom colors, patterns, styles and brands to make your metal roof a unique reflection of your style. As our metal roof expert, Frank Meunier sums it up, “Metal roof systems offer a longer service life than most others, while also being an extremely easy system to maintain.” Pickard Roofing’s experts know all there is to know about metal roofing systems. From precise installation of copper, painted steel, zinc, or galvanized roofing solutions, to repair and maintenance, Pickard Roofing is the Triangle’s metal roofing leader.        

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At Pickard Roofing, we think Design. Craft. Renew. We are experienced in all types of roofing systems- and provide the right roofing design and selective craftsmanship for renewing our customer’s assets. We invite sustainable building customers to give us a call for your free evaluation. For over 90 years Pickard Roofing Company has installed countless metal, tile, slate, TPO, EPDM, and all types of shingle roofing in the Triangle. Our services including residential, commercial, custom architectural metal fabrication, and historical renovation.