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What to Look For in a Roof Replacement Contract

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A roofing contract is a document that legally binds a roofing contractor to the promises they make. You should never hire a roofer to make repairs to your home without getting a roofing contract. Even small repairs are best performed with a contract that outlines the scope of work, dates and times, and payment expectations.

Property Owners Benefit from a Roofing Contract

There are many ways that roofing contracts protect you, the consumer. Benefits of a well-written contract include:

  • Ensures the payment schedule is clear. Roofing contracts set expectations for both parties, so you won't be surprised with unexpected fees or payment milestones.
  • Provides the property owner peace of mind. Put the word of the roofer in writing. It's much harder to back out of promises if the promises have been put in writing. When you get a contract, you'll enjoy peace of mind throughout your roofing project.
  • Allows the property owner to fully understand all warranties. The contract is the perfect place to insert a warranty, so you'll have written documentation to refer to in the future.

What to Look for in a Roof Replacement Contract

Business Details

Your roofing contract should outline your roofer's business details.

  • Name, physical address. The contract should provide the name and contact information for both parties. This is helpful if you need to get a hold of your roofer in the future.
  • Location of work to be performed. This important detail prevents misunderstandings that could lead to delays.
  • Proof of Insurance (bonding, workers comp, liability). The insurance information protects you, the consumer.
  • Licenses, permits, zoning notices. Like the insurance information, the licensing and permitting information also protects you, and provides some proof that your contractor is a legitimate professional.

Scope of Work

The scope of work explains exactly what the roofer is doing to repair your roof. The scope of work should include information about labor and materials necessary to complete the job.

Duration of Project

The project duration gives an accurate timeline for your project. This is important for making plans at home and helps you avoid conflicts. Some roofing projects can be loud and disruptive, so it's important to know when the work will be performed, and when it will be finished.


The itemized list of materials should help you gauge the quality of the materials to be used on your repair or replacement project. This will make it easier to compare one contractor to another, if you're considering bids from multiple roofers. If one roofer's bid is significantly less than another contractor's bid, the material list may reveal why.


Any warranty offered by the roofing contractor should be spelled out in detail in the contract. If you don't see information about a warranty in the contract, raise this issue with your roofer before proceeding with the job. A roofer that doesn't stand behind their work is not the roofer for you.

Payment Schedule

You should never have to pay the full amount for work up front. If you're hiring a roofer to perform a large job like a roofing replacement, your contractor may require you to buy materials up front. This should only make up a percentage of the total cost.

The rest of the payment may be completed as the project reaches certain milestones, or upon completion. Either way, the payment schedule should be accurately described in the contract.

Provisions for the Unknown

What happens if your roofer discovers wood rot after removing your shingles? Such problems can increase the cost of the work to be performed. The contract should include provisions for the unexpected, including the process for making a change order.

A change order is an amendment to your contract that describes an update to the scope of work and also an updated total. Make sure your contractor requires change orders to be signed - this should also be detailed in the contract.

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